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Dear Students,

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What Are We Doing This Week?

Keyboard and Mouse


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AM, London

Bro, just wanted to thank you once again. 


My grandma was almost in tears the other day when I was conversing with her in Yoruba. My Mum is also super impressed!! 


As a teacher myself, I know it’s not easy lol

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JAA, London

Thank you so much for these, and for the lessons. They were greatly appreciated and I think you are a really good teacher. I didn’t know any Yoruba at all before, not even fully how to pronounce my own surname! So your lessons have given me a good foundation and have helped me learn more about the language itself too. 



6:30pm - Beginner Classes



6:30pm - Intermediate Classes



1:00pm - Occasional Catch-up Classes

Image by Adeolu Eletu


I was born and raised in London and learnt Yoruba through being nosy and resourceful. When the elders were talking, I would ask for the meanings of terms and phrases mid-sentence. I soon learnt the etiquette  of  waiting until the visitors had left or at least finished their sentence before butting in. I loved Yoruba, and early 2019 I started teaching it. It has been an amazing experience so far and look forward to teaching you and supporting your  development. I am a young(wish) 28 year old Yoruba teacher; I do not teach anyone that doesn't want to learn, I come with banter ( so come with a sense of humour plix) and we are here to learn in a safe and friendly environment.